Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.

Anyone Can Learn to Fly!

We offer classes for adults and kids ages 6 and up in Fabric, Low-Flying and Circus Trapeze, Aerial Fitness Circuit Training, Stilts, Hoop, Rope, Aerial Rep, Dance, Stretching, Kids Classes and More! If you do not find the class you are looking for, let us know and we will create it for you.

All classes are held at Aerial Dance Studio 1 (ADS 1) located at 3022 E. Sterling Circle Ste 150 OR Aerial Dance Studio 2 (ADS 2) located at 3012 E. Sterling Circle Ste 150
Our second studio is located in the same parking lot on the South side of ADS

Registration and Class Information Downloads

To register for classes click here
Aerial Dance Studio Handbook

NOTE: Aerial Dance Studio 1 (ADS 1) is located at 3022 E. Sterling Circle Ste 150
Aerial Dance Studio 2 (ADS 2) is located at 3012 E. Sterling Circle Ste 150
Our second studio is located in the same parking lot on the South side of ADS

On-going Drop-In Classes

4:15-5:15pm - Stretching and Pilates ($12 drop in)
7-8:30pm - Open Gym ($12 drop in)

12-1:30pm - Aerial Fitness 1/2 ($20 drop in)

12-1:30pm - Open Gym - ($12 drop in)
7:30-9pm - Aerial Fitness 1/2 ($20 drop in)

2:30-4pm - Aerial Fitness 3/4 ($20 drop in)
4-5pm - Stretching ($12 drop in)

3:30-5pm - Open Gym ($12 drop in)

Fall Session 2 (Oct 17 - Dec 5, 2016)

**No Evening Classes Halloween, Monday 10/31**
**No Classes Nov 21-26 for Thanksgiving Break**

Registration OPEN NOW!

Youth and Teen Classes

*No Class 10/31*
4:15-5:15 - Lil Flyers (ages 5-7)
5:30-6:45 - Youth Mixed App (all levels)
5:30-6:45 - Teen Fabric 3/4

4:15-5:30 - Teen Fabric 2
4:15-5:30 - Youth Horizontal 2/3

4:15-5:15 - Teen Dance
4:15-5:15 - Youth Dance
5:30-7 - Elementary Student Company
5:30-7 - Middle School Student Company
7:15-8:45 - High School Student Company

4:15-5:30 - Youth Fabric 2/3
4:15-5:30 - Teen Static 3/4

4:15-5:30 - Teen Mixed Apparatus (All Levels)

10:30-11:45 - Youth Mixed Apparatus (All Levels)
10:30-11:45 - Teen Horizontal Apparatus 2

Adult Classes

*No Class 10/31*
4:15-5:15 - Stretching and Pilates ($12 drop-in)
7-8:30 - Open Gym ($12 drop-in)

12-1:30 - Aerial Fitness 1/2 ($20 drop-in)
5:45-7:15 - Lyra 3/4
5:45-7:15 - Fabric 1/2
7:30-9 - Lyra 1/2
7:30-9 - Fabric 3/4

12-1:30 - Handstands with Yuki Tsuji (10/5-11/9)
7:15-8:45 - Adult Student Company

12-1:30 - Open Gym ($12 drop-in)
5:45-7:15 - Low Flying Trapeze 3/4
7:30-9 - Aerial Fitness 1/2 ($20 drop-in)
7:30-9 - Rope 1/2/3

2:30-4 - Aerial Fitness 3/4 ($20 drop-in)
4-5 - Stretching ($12 drop-in)
5:45-7:15 - Aerial Dance Composition (Formerly Aerial Repertory)

12-1:30 - Fabric 1/2
12-1:30 - Static Trapeze 1/2/3
1:45-3:15 - Low Flying Trapeze 1/2
1:45-3:15 - Sling 1/2/3
3:30-5 - Stilts (all levels)
3:30-5 - Open Gym ($12 drop-in)

Student Company

Student Company is a performance group of Frequent Flyers students from youth through adult. You must audition each session to join Student Company

Welcome Fall 2016 Student Company members!

Stay tuned for more information about our Student Company shows - 12 Dreams of Flight (Youth Student Companies) & the 13th Dream of Flight (Adult Student Company) at the Dairy Arts Center December 9-11, 2016.

Youth-Teen Student Company Fall 2016 Information Sheet
Adult Student Company Fall 2016 Information Sheet

High Flyers

High Flyers is a program for teens with a passion for aerial dance who desire to train at a high level and in a focused environment. This program seeks to empower our advanced teens to access more of their potential, achieve their personal and career goals, and guide them on the journey to discovering their own artistic voices.

High Flyers Program Information

Professional Training Program Information

Frequent Flyers® is the FIRST aerial dance school approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.
Train with the company that has pioneered Aerial Dance for over 27 years, located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

For more information or to apply see documents below

Download Professional Program Description
Download Professional Program Course Descriptions
Download Professional Program Audition Requirements
Download Professional Program Application

Program focuses on the magical amalgamation of dance and aerial arts with a Performance Track (PT) and is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.
Create and hone your aerial dance technique by working with our highly qualified and experienced teachers.
Transform your aerial skills into artistic expression and find your artistic voice by integrating ground-based movement and aerials into your choreographic repertoire.

Technique classes include: Low-Flying Trapeze, Aerial Fabric, Lyra, Rope, Static Trapeze, Stilts, Rope and Harness, Bungee, Clowning, Partnering, Improvisation, Choreography, Performance, Skinner Releasing Technique, Invented Apparatus, Pilates, Ballet, and Modern Dance.
Workshops include: Nutrition, Kinesiology, Rigging, Career Preparation, Marketing, Costuming, Stage Make-up, Music Editing, and Video Editing.

Professional Training Track September 6, 2016 - May 21, 2017

Audition & Acceptance Dates for 2017-2018 Program:
Application dates: December 1st, 2016 & May 5th, 2017
Audition dates: January 29th & June 4th, 2017

April Skelton, Education Program Director,, 303-245-8272

Want to get your MFA and continue your aerial training? University of Colorado Boulder's MFA program now has an aerial dance track!

FFP Parents' Group

Interested in car pooling, acting as an advisory group to FFP, volunteering at performances, fundraising efforts and other initiative to support FFP and its students? Read more about FFP's Parents' Group here.

Student Testimonials

"The teachers at FFP create, each class, an atmosphere that is incredibly positive and empowering for every student... they get to know each of us so they can help support, challenge, and inspire at a level that is appropriate so that I can feel successful each time I grow strong, fly higher and face any fears." - Yuen-Ying Carpenter (Adult Student)

"FFP is such a welcoming place. I love it! I feel like I can express myself through dance without being judged or criticized."

"I really really want to come back!" - Katelyn Haid (Youth Student)

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Inclement Weather

Frequent Flyers follows the Boulder Valley School District cancellation policy. If your class is going to be cancelled, we will notify you via email.

Community Outreach

We're not only pioneering this incredible art form, we're serving the community with our outreach programs. In addition to free or low-cost discussion-demonstrations for school kids, we have two classes specifically geared to youth in our community.

"It truly was one of the most inspiring activities that we have ever done as an agency. The smiles on the faces of our often depressed, angry, and struggling children alone was an incredible gift." —Counselor,
Alternative Homes for Youth

Kids Who Fly

Kids Who Fly builds healthy risk-taking behaviors, works constructively on self-esteem issues, and helps youth experience the unique joy of artistic expression through attending low-lying trapeze classes designed specifically for youth-at-risk. Since the program's inception, we have served over 3,650 youth in our community.

Aerial Sci-Arts: Experiencing Physics with the Low-Flying Trapeze

This class is for high school physics and math students, and their teachers, for a hands-on experience with low-flying trapezes to explore the physics, geometry, and mathematical principles inherent in the trapeze. Proven to stimulate understanding and excitement in students.