Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.

Star Sailors

Frequent Flyer® in collaboration with Fiske Planetarium. Evening-length performance of Star Sailors. Exploring the concepts of \"afloat\" and \"far from shore\", with references to ghost ships, time travel, historical celestial events and ensuing cultural beliefs.


Frequent Flyers ® Aerial Dance: Star Sailors, excerpt from Act 1 from Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance on Vimeo.

Act 1 excerpt from Star Sailors. Aboard the ship "Luna" mid-1800s when the largest solar storm in recorded history wreaks havoc.

Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance's "Star Sailors" Act 2 excerpt from Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance on Vimeo.

Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance. Excerpt from Star Sailors, Act 2. The all female crew of the ghost ship Luna find themselves time traveling through the solar system and the galaxy. A collaboration with Fiske Planetarium.