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FFP has performed for Cirque du Soleil, hanging 60 feet on the side of their headquarters. We've performed at the Paradise Resort in the Bahamas and toured regionally. FFP received the readers' choice for "Best Dance Performance" from the Daily Camera for Theatre of the Vampires and Swing, Swing, Swing; the "Best Dance Company" from the Boulder Weekly, and a host of other awards and accolades.


"Smith and company displayed extraordinary strength, agility, and utter lack of fear as they descended from great heights or slithered up to disappear into the rafters." —Rocky Mountain News

""FFP's performance was the highlight of our event. Guests were thrilled to look up and see beautiful dancers descending from the ceiling. Major donors approached me to say how extraordinary their performance was and congratulate us for creating such a memorable event." " —Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

The Possibilities - Elevate your Event

Bring elegant aerial entertainment to your guests and audience. If you want a unique party experience or a full length show, Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance has a great way to add sparkle to your event. From corporate work to full evening-length productions, from private parties and company retreats to collaborative creations. We can even provide aerial bartenders! Whatever you want, we can do it. Not sure what fits your bill? We'll help design a performance to enhance your vision. We have ready-made pieces or custom-designed flights for you that we will create to fit your specific event. Get a full picture of what's available here. Below are just some ideas~

We have a free standing aerial rig which makes us portable. We can do aerials at any outdoor event, or indoors if the ceiling height is at least 20 feet.
Aerial Fabric (Fabric hanging vertically) - solo, duet on a single fabric, group work on multiple fabrics
Aerial Hoop (Hoop hung vertically) - solo, duet on a single hoop, group work on multiple hoops
Aerial Rope (Rope hung vertically) - solo, duet on a single rope, group work on multiple ropes
Bungee (Bungee hung vertically) - solo and group work, high and low double point, low single point, front and back attachments
Partner Acrobalance (Hand to hand partner balance work) - duet work
Rope and Harness (Dancers in a harness attached to a rope hung vertically) - solo and group work, against walls or center of room repelling
Stilt Walkers (Dancers on stilts) - crowd interaction, upright dancing, partner ground acrobatics, barstool duet
Trapeze/Static Trapeze (Circus trapeze rigged from two points in the ceiling higher off the ground) - solo and duet work
Low-Flying trapeze (Dance Trapeze rigged 5 feet off the ground from 1 point in the ceiling) - solo, duet, and group work
Aerial Sling (Aerial fabric with both ends rigged to the ceiling) - solo or group work
Aerial Chain (Chains rigged vertically) - solo aerial fabric material performed on two chains
Invented Apparatus - Airplane Propeller, Aerial Square, Aerial Sphere, Coffin (great for halloween), Aerial Umbrella, and many more!
We can also add Object Manipulation (juggling), Fire Dancing and Hoop Dancing to spice up your event!
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Recently we produced a large scale production at the Atlantis Resort and had the pleasure of incorporating Frequent Flyers into our show. It was a resounding success and they definitely added a wow factor to the event. May I just say how pleased we were by their versatility, talent and artistry. — Doug Jones, President, Sixth Star Entertainment

Ready-Made or Custom-Designed Flights

Birthday Parties For everyone young at heart, what better way to celebrate your birthday than with cake, candles and flying around a room like a circus star with all of your best friends? You'll surely have bragging rights after this party. And, if you're worried about getting older, rest assured that hanging upside down will take years off. After all, you'll be learning to defy gravity!

Bachelorette Parties Want a fun way to get in shape for the big day? Start with a custom made aerial Bachelorette Party (low flying trapeze and even burlesque if you choose). We guarantee you'll have so much fun; you'll want sign up for more aerial classes, ending up with a toned bod and a huge smile that will fit perfectly with every wedding dress!

Corporate Retreats A team building workshop where you learn to fly on trapeze? This may only exist in Boulder! Frequent Flyers ensures your employees an experience of a lifetime, and one that will surely bring them closer together.

Non Profit Retreats We understand that working for a Non Profit can be stressful- all work and no play. Well, we at Frequent Flyers have found that hanging upside down gives us a whole new perspective ... literally! Add some play to your workday.

Private Workshops for School and Community Groups Are your students having trouble with some physics concepts? Are you reading a particular story in class? Bring your lessons to life, physically and creatively, through the art of aerial dance. We offer aerial science classes as well as custom workshops that compliment anything you are teaching to your students. Let us design a class just for you!

Fitness Camps Sick of stepping, running nowhere on a treadmill, or your traditional fitness class? Need to get in shape for a wedding, a reunion or just because you want to look extra hot in your skimpy summer digs? How about getting in shape while hanging upside down on a trapeze and climbing fabric? Yea. You know you want to try it.

I can't tell you how excellent your 'stilt ladies' were. . . They were graceful, friendly, and so attractive. Everyone was impressed - including the outgoing President of our Board of Directors. They added a wonderful touch of unusual fun, which we love to try to do at our events. They helped everyone to smile a bit more. They certainly added to the success of our Gala. — Joyce Spencer, Shining Lights of Hope Gala